Vermont Farm Health and Safety Coalition

The mission of the Vermont Farm Health and Safety Coalition is to maintain a vital and diverse statewide organization to promote and sustain a healthy, safe and stable farm workforce in Vermont. The organization uses a common ground approach which focuses on the shared health and safety needs of farmers, farm workers and farm families living and working on Vermont Farms. The Coalition and its members work to advance state and organizational policies and programs that improve the lives of all members of the farm community.

The Coalition is a Vermont Private Nonprofit Corporation with an active statewide membership which meets four times a year.  Its two standing Work Groups meet at those Quarterly Meetings and other times, to plan and implement programs addressing key aspects of farm health and safety. For more information, please visit our Vermont Farm Health and Safety Coalition Brochure.

Our five-year relationship with the Champlain Valley AHEC, first as the Farm Health Task Force, and since November 2016 as the Vermont Farm Health and Safety Coalition, ended September 2017 as Champlain Valley AHEC closed. We regret the end of that valued relationship, but look forward to our new partnership with the Vermont Farm Bureau.

For additional information, please contact Ginny Wheeler at the Vermont Farm Bureau, who will forward your request to the appropriate organizational personnel.

Ginny Wheeler
Vermont Farm Bureau
Phone: (802) 434-5646

International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health

Who’s at Risk on the Farm? Informational fliers with generational messages about safety on the farm:

1- ISASH Toddlers
2- ISASH School Aged Children

3- ISASH New and Young Farmers
4- ISASH Mid-life Farmers
5- ISASH Aging Farmers

Champlain Valley AHEC Spotlight on Migrant Worker Health Booklet

Champlain Valley AHEC offered a Migrant Worker Health Booklet. This booklet was developed to empower Vermont’s migrant farm workers to address common health concerns in the safety of their homes and to make informed health care decisions about the point at which (and where) to access care. It is an easy-to-follow format accessible to those with a range of health literacy levels while simultaneously ensuring the inclusion of sufficient health information. The booklet is in English and Spanish to encourage communication about a specific health issue that a farm worker might face, to employers or community members who may assist in acquiring requested health care products or transport to needed health services. Migrant Worker Health Booklet.

North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT) Posters

Farm Safety Poster Child and Tractor Tire
NAGCAT Working with Large Animals 2012
NAGCAT Driving Farm Tractor 2012
NAGCAT ATV Guidelines
Farm Safety Poster Man Child on Tractor

Vermont Farm Health Survey Summary Report

Vermont Farm Health Survey Summary Report