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Classroom Presentations

We offered interactive classroom presentations for middle and high schools students building an awareness of the diversity of health care careers. Through these presentations we helped students learn about steps they can take to prepare for a heath care career, access Vermont education resources and continue to explore health careers.


High School Health Career Clubs

Champlain Valley AHEC helped assist schools in starting Health Career Clubs. Health Career Clubs are a great resource for high school students who self-identify with an interest in health careers. Champlain Valley AHEC staff helped students to organize and implement clubs in their high schools. Students explored health careers through guest speakers, site visits and activities, in addition to learning leadership skills, infection control, and cultural competency. Students also practiced basic health care skills including CPR training, resulting in certification. Champlain Valley AHEC provided full support and resources for the first year, teaching the students to become self-sustaining over 2-3 years.

In 2016, Jessica Barrow developed a formal Health Care Club Curriculum for distribution to schools in our region. This curriculum provided 13 separate modules for student meetings, including the materials students and faculty would need to explore different aspects of health care. This curriculum was distributed free of charge to the high schools and technical centers in Addison, Chittenden and Franklin Counties.


SB HS Career Fair 1Career Fairs / Career Days

Champlain Valley AHEC attended school career fairs and career days throughout Addison, Chittenden, and Grand Isle and Franklin Counties, representing health careers. We provided information on a variety of careers while promoting experiential learning opportunities for high school students in the health care field.