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Network Stories

Bi-State 2015 Community Service Award Presented to Vermont AHEC Network

Jack Donnelly, MBA, Director, Bi-State Board of Directors and CEO of Community Health Centers of Burlington recently presented The 2015 Vermont Community Service Award to the Vermont Area Health Education Centers Network. Bi-State recognized the many individuals that comprise the Vermont Area Health Education Centers network and the work they do to support Rural Health Centers and Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Laura Remick, Northeastern Vermont AHEC, Liz Cote, UVM AHEC Program Office and Susan White, Southern Vermont AHEC accepting The 2015 Vermont Community Service Award on behalf of the entire AHEC network.

Laura Remick, Northeastern Vermont AHEC, Liz Cote, UVM AHEC Program Office and Susan White, Southern Vermont AHEC accepting The 2015 Vermont Community Service Award from Bi-State on behalf of the entire AHEC network.

In his presentation of the award, Mr. Donnelly noted, “The Vermont AHEC is a community of academic and community partners that work to improve the health of Vermonters. They collaborate with us on education and awareness of the successes in health care innovation, and they partner with us to recruit and retain our dedicated primary care workforce in our state.” In addition, he said, “Many on staff volunteer beyond the scope of their jobs to offer programs such as the Vermont State Educational Loan Repayment Program, and the new HRSA State Loan Repayment Program. Volunteering beyond the scope of their jobs; that is commitment. We all live such busy lives; it seems there is only time for what it most important to us. This remarkable team of individuals, working in every region of the state, plays an important role in expanding access to primary care to all Vermonters, especially the most vulnerable populations. These are men and women with a long history of vastly contributing to Vermont as a healthy place to live and work, I am pleased to present The Community Service Award to Liz Cote on behalf of the Vermont Area Health Education Center network.”

Board Stories

Al Perry_USS VermontChamplain Valley AHEC Board Member Al Perry at Ceremony Naming USS Vermont

US Navy Capt. and Champlain Valley AHEC Board member Albert Perry recently attended a ceremony on the naming of a fast attack submarine…the USS Vermont. To read the full article, click here.




Partner Stories

UVM College of Medicine
July 9, 2014

MedQuest Introduces Vermont High School Students to Health Care Careers

“High school students from across the state of Vermont are getting a head start on exploring health care careers thanks to the MedQuest program and 16 University of Vermont College of Medicine students who are serving as assistant directors.” Read more…

Learn 2 Earn
Mount Mansfield Union High School
March 18, 2014

Jane and Jessica at Champlain Valley AHEC spent the morning at St. Michael’s College sharing their expertise and facilitating a great hands-on workshop for tenth graders from Mount Mansfield Union High School through Navicate’s Learn to Earn program.  Through this event, students get a little taste of what a particular career field is like and learn about the awesome jobs that exist in Vermont.  This event included presenters from Seventh Generation, Seven Days, and Green Mountain Power, among others. If you’d like to learn more about Learn to Earn and how to get involved as a career speaker, please visit: www.navicate.org/programs/learn-to-earn.”

Staff Stories

Champlain Valley AHEC Staff Help at HPV Clinic at Local High School

judy_tammy_hpv-clinic-at-bfa_10-12-16Did you know that HPV cancer is preventable? Judy Wechsler, Education Resources Coordinator and Tammy Johnson, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Champlain Valley AHEC do. Learn how they worked with a local high school, health department and Northwest Medical Reserve Corps to offer students a safe, easy affordable way to receive HPV vaccination.

Interview with Former Staff Member and New RN Jessica Barrow

jessica-2Check out our interview with former Champlain Valley AHEC Health Careers Educator Jessica Barrow as she tells us about becoming an RN and next steps in her pursuit to become a nurse practitioner. Click here to read more.



Champlain Valley AHEC staff participate in St. Albans Raid Activities


Judy Wechsler (far right), our Education Resource Coordinator, spent the weekend of September 20-21 participating in the activities surrounding the 150th anniversary of the St. Albans Raid. The St. Albans Raid was the northernmost land action of the American Civil War. In addition to promenading through the encampment of Civil War re-enactors, Judy also conducted history walking tours and performed as part of choral group that sang songs from the Civil War period.


Congrats to Jane Nesbitt on her Master’s Degree!Jane_graduation party

So happy to celebrate Jane’s completion of her Master’s in Management from Marlboro College!





Vermont AHEC Delegation Attends National AHEC Organization Conference in Charlotte, NC

Judy at NAO_7.9.14

Judy and the Vermont AHEC delegation enjoyed a week in July at the National AHEC Organization Conference in Charlotte, NC. They got the chance to spend time with current NAO Executive Director (and former Champlain Valley AHEC Executive Director) Rob Trachtenberg.




Student Stories

Student Spotlight: An Interview with Kayley Haggerty, Essex High School Student, Future Health Professionalkayley

Kayley Haggerty is a senior student at Essex High School and alumnus of A Day in the Life at the UVM Medical Center. Kayley hopes to pursue a health care career and is interested in neurology. Click here to read our interview with Kayley and learn what she’s doing now to ensure her future health care career.

Conversation with Taylor Hall

Freshman, Missisquoi Valley Union High School
February 12, 2014

CVAHEC Taylor HallTaylor is a freshman at Missisquoi Valley Union (MVU) High School and her career goal is to become a physician. She attended the Champlain Valley AHEC Focus Conference at Norwich University in November 2013 and plans to apply for MedQuest next year. Champlain Valley AHEC Health Careers Program Educator, Jane Nesbitt had a chance to speak with Taylor at the end of the school day on February 11, 2014.  Here is what she learned.

Taylor traces her interest in a health career to several influences. Her sister is a nurse who has inspired her. She also volunteered at a childcare center where her mom worked. As a student at MVU she took a career exploration course this year with business teacher, Mrs. Hartman. Taylor believes that taking this informative course as a freshmen really helped her with the skills, tools and ideas to continue her career preparation and planning. These three experiences have spurred her interest in becoming a pediatrician.

Taylor is very active in her school community. She is a member of the Model UN. She is currently taking Introduction to College Studies, a course that will prepare her for college through its focus on teaching students how to set goals, problem-solve, manage time and stress, improve communication skills, take better notes, reduce test anxiety, and plan financially. She is also taking initiative to immerse herself in health care as often as she can do so. For example, she has shadowed a local pediatrician.

She also plans to volunteer at Northwestern Medical Center (NMC). She sees this as a very good strategy for immersing herself in a health care setting. Because she is under 18 she has limited volunteer options available at NMC.  That has not deterred Taylor because she recognizes that a role at the front desk where she can help direct patients and visitors and answer questions will help her to clarify her interests, network with health care professionals and make a contribution in health care along the way.

Conversation with Taylor MarquisCVAHEC Taylor Marquis

Senior, Missisquoi Valley Union High School
February 12, 2014

Taylor is a senior at Missisquoi Valley Union High School and is on his way to Harvard University next fall to study biology and government. He aspires to become a physician. Jane Nesbitt, Champlain Valley AHEC Health Careers Program Educator, had a chance to speak with Taylor at the end of the school day on February 12, 2014. Here is what she learned.

Though he had not been able to attend any of the Champlain Valley AHEC programs due to other program and scheduling conflicts that have kept him busy, Taylor has a resume that sets an example of some of the ways that a student can prepare for a health career.

Taylor says that he knew he wanted to be involved in the medical field for as long as he can remember and in fact, decided on pediatrics in 4th grade. That’s where he wants to focus after medical school.

Leadership is so important in health care regardless of title, role or setting. Some of the ways Taylor has demonstrated his leadership is in roles such as community volunteer in his church, a member of the Model United Nations, captain of his soccer and baseball teams and as President of the Student Council, Class of 2104 and of the National Honor Society.

As one of two Vermont representatives to Boys Nation, an American Legion civic training event for students in the summer after junior year, he presented as a “Senator,” a bill to “Congress” about Youth Tobacco Use.

He has already shown his keen interest in science through AP courses. He and a few classmates also initiated a bio diesel extraction process three years ago at MVU. They have supplied fuel to campus service vehicles and are now making soap, using glycerin, a by-product of the biodiesel production method.”

We wish Taylor a wonderful college experience at Harvard. We hope that as a pediatrician he will come back to Vermont to serve rural children and families. We do plan to invite him to speak in classrooms and clubs during his college career. In this way he can inspire other students to reach for their unique dreams and to plan well as they work hard to achieve those dreams as he has done.

Conversation with Katie Glidden
CVAHEC Katie Glidden

Senior, Missisquoi Valley Union High School
February 12, 2014

Katie is a senior and has attended many Champlain Valley AHEC programs which have inspired her in her career plans. She attended Focus 2012, NMC Shadow Day 2012, and MedQuest 2013 and was a member of the Youth Health Services Corps Club at her high school in the spring of 2013. Jane Nesbitt, Champlain Valley AHEC Health Careers Program Educator had a chance to speak with Katie at the end of the school day on February 11, 2014.  Here is what she learned.

Katie traces her interest in a health career to the career exploration class that she had with Mrs. Hartman in her freshman year. The first health care professional with whom she actually spoke was a paramedic. These experiences helped to reinforce her growing interest.

Katie’s first interest was the career of a transplant surgeon. After learning more through her program experience at MedQuest, Shadow Day and Focus she realized that she did not want to invest so much time before she arrives at a career destination. Surgery is still of great interest it her but now her focus is on becoming a surgical nurse.

She said, “In nursing there is always a way to move forward or upward in the career or to move into another one.” In fact, at MedQuest Katie was impressed with the medical students who had been nurses before deciding to become doctors.

Katie is on her way. She has been accepted at the University of Maine, University of New Hampshire and Nazareth College for nursing. Her first choice is the University of Delaware.

She chose the University of Delaware as her top school because she can conduct a community health research project early in her college life and also go abroad. It’s also close enough to home and she has an aunt living there.

Katie has graciously consented to give back to other students. She’ll do this by being available to join Champlain Valley AHEC staff in a classroom or a club to share her experience and her career journey as she moves through college. We at the Champlain Valley AHEC wish Katie a great start to her college career and look forward to seeing her and keeping in touch as she progresses.